The maintenance of python bags

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16 March 2017
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26 April 2018
manutenzione borse di pitone

The python skin is very refined and soft , easy to work and making beautiful accessories and bags.
Python accessories become more fashionable and valuable over time. Some advices to take care of our python bags…
Even though python accessories are unbreakable, they should be protected from solar exposure or from hot heat sources, like radiator or stoves because the excessive heat can cause the dryness of the skins. About the cleanliness of bags, is not recommended the use of chemical products but simply it is adviced to use a dampt cloth with a specific cleaner for leather.
It is recommended to clean our python bag in accordance with our use…
With the right attention our bag will be beautiful and timeless! Pinotti has a lot of python bags, available in a lot of colors….. To see them and ask more information , go to our website or to our Facebook page!!

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